Shall I upgrade from iOS 7 to iOS 9.2?
2015-12-23 02:45:52 UTC
My iPhone 4s runs iOS 7.1.2 and unfortunately, its battery is not the best since when I'm connected to Wi-Fi, browsing the web or anything it tends to go down a little faster than it would without being online. I blame the OS on it. What do you think? Shall I upgrade the the latest version?
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2015-12-23 12:36:47 UTC
The iOS won't impact your battery life. it will only be noticed in processor speeds. Age of the device causes battery degradation. A battery only has so many recharges in its life before it becomes useless. This doesn't happen where it is perfect for 10,000 charges and then suddenly dies. It gradually wears out and its charge life shortens.

My old iPhone 3GS needs to be recharged daily and can run down in only a few hours if I'm doing battery intensive things, like on line activities. I'm on iOS 6.1.6, which is the latest mine can use.

My wife's 4S is using iOS 8. something and has noticed no processor slowdowns when using the programs she has always used. It would only cause a slowdown if you tried to use some of the newer processor intensive apps, that you didn't even have available in iOS 7. She only upgraded because a newer app that she wanted to use had come out that required iOS 8. Her battery life is not as great as originally, but still good enough for what she does.

My rule of thumb is: If it works, don't mess with it. If iOS 7 does everything YOU want, then don't bother upgrading it.
2015-12-23 08:23:57 UTC
NO DONT UPGRADE! iOS 9.2 will completely slow down your device. I have an iphone 5 on iOS 7 and it runs perfectly while my other friends with iphone 5/4s who have upgraded are always complain how slow it made their device. I even upgraded my ipad 2 and is at a point where it's so annoyingly slow I can't even use it. The cool new features aren't worth how slow it will make your device.
2015-12-23 02:59:19 UTC
You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!!!

So, do the Upgrade.

If it upgrades successfully, that may also solve your Battery problem. Or, Apple may replace our Battery under a Factory Recall Program for free...
2015-12-23 12:10:01 UTC
Been running the latest iOS when they come out on my 2 4S models with no problems. I did replace the batteries in both phones though. That really helped with the battery problem.
2015-12-25 05:35:17 UTC
You should not update if you have iPhone 5S or lower iPhone. I bet it will slow down speed of your phone. Upgrade only if you want to regret.
2015-12-27 20:09:41 UTC
Yes you can upgrade to iOs9.2.
2015-12-24 13:34:43 UTC
Yes. It will also fix bugs and don't listen to Maddie she is wrong.
2015-12-23 22:52:06 UTC
Ofcourse you should upgrade
2015-12-23 18:41:58 UTC
Yes you should upgrade, why not?
2015-12-25 15:44:50 UTC
the best advice is to leave Apple. I went to Google and it is so much better.
2015-12-23 13:26:04 UTC
Do not update it. It will crash your iPhone and it won't work anymore.
2015-12-23 05:40:47 UTC
4S is many years old now, so your battery could just be wearing out.
2015-12-24 06:17:56 UTC
yes and it only makes good for iPhone
2015-12-23 07:44:17 UTC
upgrade to win xp
2015-12-26 16:53:27 UTC
2015-12-23 03:27:12 UTC
iOS 9.2
2015-12-24 06:35:25 UTC
yes your outdated
2015-12-24 10:59:54 UTC
2015-12-23 20:31:45 UTC
No its not worth it
2015-12-23 15:46:32 UTC
you should it is a better improvement
2015-12-28 01:24:34 UTC
not a good idea.
2015-12-25 00:10:45 UTC
2015-12-24 23:09:49 UTC
do it
2015-12-23 10:03:43 UTC
do it
2015-12-23 18:01:30 UTC

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